Mary & The Poppins

A short but heavy downfall of rain. An illuminated window at night.
The squeeking pedal of an old grand piano. It’s those trivial pictures that inspire me to write songs.

What makes Mary & The Poppins so special is not only the combination of classical instruments, such as violin, violoncello, alto saxophone, bass clarinet or transverse flute with modern singer-songwriting. Moreover, the four band members really like to “play” and fool around with unexpected little sound-surprises, contributing to many a chorus with all of their beautiful voices and inviting the audience to sing along. One can tell there is more to these musicians than doing their job: there is true friendship involved, which you can literally sense on stage!

Mary & The Poppins are: Lilia on violin, Sven on cello and cajon, Julia on alto sax, bass clarinet and transverse flute, and Marie on vocals, piano and guitar.

Singer wanted?

Are you looking for a wedding singer, a birthday band or simply some background music for your business event? You can book me as a solo artist, as a Jazz duo or with my whole Jazz combo.

My repertoire is summing up the classics of Jazz, Pop, Rock & Soul music, whereas I do like to fulfill your individual music wishes as well. Please contact me for further advice and individual questions. I’m looking forward hearing from you!

Here’s a link to my repertoire list

Künstler für Events: Hochzeitssängerin Marie